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Electronic component distribution and technology marketing


Engineering Supports

  • HW circuit design support
  • Arctic parts selection and BOM management
  • Supports SDK and firmware porting
  • Fast technical support

Sourcing Supports

  • SET material turnkey supply
  • Short delivery support through inventory management
  • Production schedule management through logistics tracking of ordered products
  • Stocking and global sourcing of discontinued materials
  • Reduce logistics costs through door to door service
  • Supports production cost reduction by minimizing parts inventory

After Service

  • Support for handling unused inventory after production
  • Proposal and design support for replacement products for discontinued products
  • Introducing the latest products and sharing the roadmap

ODM Outsourcing Consulting

Embedded H/W & S/W ODM Outsourcing

Hardware Development Service

  • MPU/MCU base design

- Renesas/GigaDevice/Qualcomm/NXP

- Rockchip/Broadcom/Nvidia

  • PCB Design and mold design
  • Certification support


  • RF(WIFI,BT,zigbee,UWB,GPS)

Software Development Service

  • Support for building development environment
  • Device driver development support
  • Application development support

- Supported OS(Android/Linux/ RTOS)

Project Management Service

  • HW, SW development outsourcing
  • Mass production support
  • Development schedule management
  • Maintenance

Projects performed and mass production success history

  • 32bit MCU Firmware development
  • IoT gateway development
  • Vehicle sensor information display device
  • AI camera module development
  • AI camera NVR development
  • Medical camera module
  • Semiconductor/display inspection equipment (Embedded B/D)
  • Industrial automation and control equipment (controllers & sensors)
  • Wireless connection and Access Point
  • Vehicle sensor information display device
  • Embedded module with thermal imaging camera and fisheye lens

Using a diverse pool of development partners, we will realize products that meet the needs of end customers in a timely manner and in accordance with specifications.

Turnkey supply


  • Mass production delivery of circuit materials for small quantities of various products
  • Support for inventory management of produced circuit products
  • Inventory management of contract/subcontracted materials
  • QC & Testing
  • Production delivery management

Turnkey parts supply

  • Bulk supply of materials needed for production
  • Inventory management of materials required for production
  • Material management after production and disposal of unused material inventory
  • Cycle management and production delivery management of major parts

Service history

  • Satellite antenna control board 8models in supply
  • Parking control camera board in supply
  • Camera module in supply
  • Supplying climate control board

Electronics trade

Finished product trade

  • Monitor products from domestic partners by exhibiting them at overseas exhibitions
  • Relations with Korea regarding OEM & ODM
  • Passing on Korea’s service models and success stories along with products
  • Promoting growth through cooperation with domestic manufacturers
  • (Made in Korea Products only)


  • Export of vehicle AI camera to Japan
  • Export of vehicle sensing controller to Japan
  • Export of AI Camera for industrial automation to Japan
  • Satellite SET TOP BOX export to Middle East